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Last night, after spending the day transferring lots and lots of files from my current computer to the one Craig assembled for me, I spent an hour uninstalling programs and deleting files Ana would not need, since she's getting the guts of my old one. Or she was.

I'd gotten to the point where it was ready to do a disk clean up. Gwyn came by to keep me company, and I put him in my lap where he purred and nuzzled lovingly while I waited through the process.

It was a third of the way complete with the clean up (to be followed by a defrag), when Gwyn decided he was bored and jumped out of my arms, throwing all seventeen of his pounds into my computer's restart button.

The screen went blank, and when it rebooted, I got a black screen with a basic DOS prompt ... and nothing else. The BIOS screen said it recognized all of the drives hooked up, so it wasn't a loose wire, it just wouldn't load. Craig tried making a system recovery disk, but thus far, it's done nothing to recover the system. The only WinXP disks I have are what Craig calls "bullshit OEM" recovery disks that hobble the computer. I need a 32-bit version, but he only has a 64-bit version, and as we all know, Microsoft has screwed us out of a decent operating platform to make room for its shinier, but mentally challenged sister, Vista.

By the time I finished making our mutter paneer and salmon masala for dinner, I told him to stop for the night. As it stands, we can't figure out what step to take next, and Ana is still without a working system ... and I'd spent hours trying to make it pretty for her.

*sighs* So Gwyn is lucky to be alive, for if he had chosen to jump in a slightly different direction, Ana might have a functioning computer right now, and I could move on to other projects.
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Monday - Saw Harry Potter, wow! It lived up to the book, despite the corners it had to cut to save time, and the scenes of the Quidditch match added dimension to the already astounding mental imagery created by the book. The actors they found really fit their roles, especially Harry . . . I hope they continue to make them in succession so they can keep the actor.

Tuesday - Went to the WorkFirst orientation with Ana, at first she was cute and adorable, getting everyone's attention, then the fits kicked in, and I couldn't follow anything the lecturer said. I have to find daycare fast, but Sera never called me back to discuss a plan to ease Ana into it. ::sighs:: Will she ever be a responsible parent?

Wednesday - Talked to the prosecuting attorney regarding Ana's child support case, needed to make sure the bases were covered, and to ensure Sera wouldn't be placed even further in debt (beyond what she truly is responsible for) -- they were ready to charge her for back child support even for the time we were living with her. It's strange how often I defend her.

Something happened Sunday, don't remember right now what it was . . . perhaps I'll get to it later.

The computer, or perhaps the (dial-up) modem connection doesn't allow me much time to write before disconnecting. It isn't at all reliable or I would write more often. ::falls to her knees and prays for an Athlon 1.5 GHz with DSL::

Had a fight with Qwest today, they won, and I'm going to have to take the money I've saved up for something very important to me, and use it to pay the bill or else I won't have my phone any longer. Ah well, at least with a phone I can get a job, and thus repay myself the money. And just when I was almost ready to spend it . . . it's probably for the best.

Wish I could understand why I'm pursuing my old teacher's lessons again. I thought I was done with them when he stopped writing to me, but here I am, putting aside the chance to start into Anne Rice's "Blood and Gold" and instead am reading (trudging through) "Malleus Maleficarum." One thing I've learned, never turn your back on a Catholic, or make any sign you follow any faith but their own. I'm not only a Pagan, an hedonist, and an heretic, I'm also a witch according to these accounts which turned Wiccan and Celtic priestesses and wise women into malicious, devil-fornicating fiends. The "worst" possible sin . . . well, I prattle. I don't know what he thought I'd find within these texts pertaining to what I sought at that time, but it certainly has been teaching me something. Perhaps the truths I have found are not the ones this teacher intended. But I search on for myself, not for him.

Anyway, I've strayed from my intended topic, which I no longer even remember since I had planned to post this Monday. ::smiles::

I do have a letter for that old teacher should I ever hear from him again, perhaps I'll post that here the next chance I can use the computer again. Especially since I cannot currently go to the boards where I first found him ... or did he find me? ::smirks::

Be well all (you know, the two who actually read this!), love and light.

Oh, yes, I almost tore my hair out -- or perhaps almost passed out when I discovered that the last few months of writing our novel was in vain. I managed to completely leave out some of the most exciting scenes, and rearranged quite a few others. ::bangs head, bangs head::
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Please, oh please, someone buy me a computer... just a little AMD Athlon 1500 mhz with 17" monitor, CD-RW, 40G of Ram, and uh... well, how about just a simple donation to the "Save Raven's Sanity" fund (S.R.S.) for just $30 a day you can provide the monetary aid necessary to provide Raven with the computer she so desperately needs in less than two months! S.R.S. accepts checks, money orders, Master Card, Visa, and Discover! Please send all inquiries to Thank you for your donation!


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