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Tonight's dinner, Grinchmas Pasta, thus named because of its startlingly bright breen color. We named it after Ana thought of the Grinch upon seeing it.

The color comes from the raw spinach, the main ingredient in the sauce. Now, for the super simple recipe.

Cook a bag of pasta (ours is brown rice rotelle from Trader Joe's) as directed, strain and rinse with cold water. Leave in the colander while warming olive oil in the pot. Sautee 4 cloves of pressed garlic and 6 sliced button or crimini mushrooms on med-low. Add in 1/4 c. pine nuts.

In a bowl, combine one bunch of fresh spinach, chopped, some olive oil, water, lemon juice, and large chunks of parmesan sliced from a wedge -- as much as you can handle. Using a hand blender or food processor, blend until a fine, wet paste.

Return pasta to pot and toss with mushrooms, garlic, pine nuts, tarragon, salt, and more oil. Rewarm pasta, then turn off heat. Fold in the raw spinach sauce until thoroughly blended. Serve and enjoy!

There were two suggestions upon eating the pasta: it needed more salt (my fault), and adding chicken would have been nice with it. Craig and I added fresh ground black pepper to ours, Ana just added salt.

Merry Grinchmas!

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Before I discovered my wheat allergy, I'd been inspired by a show in which someone went to visit different restaurants in NY, trying their dumplings and showing how they were made. (For all I can recall, this might have even been an episode of Reading Rainbow, but more likely it was on H&G Channel). I made the decision that one day, for a special occasion, I would take a group of friends on a Dumplings Around the World tour, hopping from one restaurant (and culture's cuisine) to the next, ordering the dumplings from each one, and moving on: jiaozi, gyoza, pierogi, ravioli, kreplach, dim sum's shrimp dumplings, etc. I was going to plan everything out, call the restaurants ahead of time to set it up, and try to find enough of them near one another we wouldn't have to travel far (maybe even within walking distance). I'm clearly not the only one who likes having all my dumplings in one place. New York City holds an annual dumpling festival:

Of course, that dream is dead. If I want different types of dumplings, I'd have to make them myself, and they won't be the same. I've found one frozen version of gf pot stickers that comes very close, but certain gf doughs just don't steam/bake/pan sear the same way as their wheat counterparts. And I LOVE dumplings. All kinds. And handheld savory pies*. It makes me sad.

*There's a fine line between certain types of dumplings and handheld savory pies. Just consider some of these examples and their dumpling similarities: empanadas, samosas, sambusas, pasties, sfihas, etc.
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The bagger at Trader Joe's asked me how my day was, and I said, "It keeps getting better." He said he liked that, that the outlook showed that no matter how bad things start out, the day improves along the way.

Of course, I meant that I woke up in too much pain to stand up straight and walk without hobbling or using a cane, but I slogged through some writing, finally FINISHED MY BED SIDE TABLE PAINTING PROJECT* (*glee* pics forthcoming when I can get downstairs and sit without pain), and then Craig took me to target="chiro">see a chiropractor who was wonderful on all levels. Afterwards, we made it to Rikki Rikki in time for the start of their happy hour, which meant discount prices on exemplary sushi with fresh, giant pieces of sashimi. I had to wear a big belt that the chiro called "velcro city," but it's helping me walk without a cane and sit upright. So when the bagger made the comment, I was already blissed out despite the pain.

When we got home, I mentioned that I'd never been on a chiropractor-sushi date before, and we took out all the garbage/recycling stuff. Then I did something very big, I walked around the corner to where a police officer was sitting and watching traffic, and I said hi, introduced myself, and let him know that if he needs water or a bathroom while he's on our property, he's welcome to come say hello and we'd be hospitable. Why is this big for me? Because ever since the big to do with my former step-father, I haven't been able to talk to a cop, no matter the circumstances, without having a panic attack and shaking afterwards. So I took initiative, hobbled out there in my velcro corset, and shook hands with the man keeping my corner safe. I felt exhilirated, came back, took pics of my knobs* and had two big glasses of water (the chiro wants me to drink a gallon--ha!).


A while back, I bought sample sized paint pots from McLendon's with the plan to paint the second hand bed side table I've been using. It was pale blue and stained and the bottom drawer stuck. I wasn't able to sand down the drawer enough to get it to not stick, but I did make the whole thing look better. The body is now nightingale purple (very dark, sumptuous), each drawer knob is turquoise and has an original symbol I created painted in gold, and each drawer represents the four elements. The top drawer is "pumpkin orange" with a symbol for earth, the second is "blushing red" (more pink) with the symbol for air, the third is "dahlia yellow" with a symbol for fire, and the final one is a dark cerulean (I forgot the actual name) with the symbol for water. I put a second coat of paint on each drawer, but the second coat of each is brushed on in waves or lines that emulate the element. I took pictures, but like all good things, y'all'll have to wait. I'm just pleased as punch to have started and finished it. It took extra time because of all the health bumps over the last several days, but it's done. The earth symbol isn't symmetrical like the sketch I drew, but the other three look fab.

Ooh, and the pharm just called, I have Tylenol Codeine awaiting me to kill the pain. Mwahahaha.
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While Craig and I have suffered many a stomach cramp, and I have been quite miserable through the whole thing, feeling exhausted, ill, and just about as terrible as my worst days, Ana told me something very important this morning.

Her stomach doesn't hurt.

So, for the next seven days, I'll be watching her very closely, listening to her and making sure that this lack of pain and discomfort, which has baffled conventional M.D.s for the last three or four years, continues throughout the elimination phase. If it does, then I'm going to be listening even more closely to her when we start adding the gluten, dairy, and eggs back in.

The moment she cries "ow!" we'll likely have our answer.

I'm so angry with her doctor right now for blaming brown rice and corn (Ana barely eats corn) for her stomach troubles, and for trying to get me to irradiate my child just to see if she had a colon blockage. She even prescribed laxatives! I may not agree with everything Craig's chiro/naturopath said, but his method may prove the best way to help a long-term problem for her.

She still wants an allergy blood test, which I'm willing to get for her with her next child support payment since her doctor refuses to do the test (and without her primary physician's approval, we don't get insurance to cover it). And if it turns out she has an allergy? We'll adjust for her.

But I'd like to point out: her stomach doesn't hurt.
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Craig and I are both experiencing stomach cramps and other gastrointestinal issues that I believe are related to candida fighting for its life. For the first three days I felt, no matter how much I ate, that I was starving. It doesn't help that I just started my moon, either, so I'm all out of sorts and energy-deprived at present.

However, the meals have been tasty despite their lack of wheat and dairy (I don't miss eggs most of the time).

Our menu so far:

Cut for your gluten-loving protection )
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Tomorrow morning, the whole household is starting an elimination diet, because various insurance companies, doctors, and other obstacles have prevented us from the sweet and swift blood test to see what food allergies each of us might have. Under the advice of a naturopath/chiropath Craig's been seeing, we're eliminating wheat gluten, eggs, and dairy for two weeks. For each week after, we can slowly add them back, and monitor our health along the way.

So tonight, we're having an orgy of dairy and gluten (and to some extent, egg, since these are egg noodles). We're feasting on fettuccine alfredo, broccoli, chicken, and I'm having carrot cake (they're going to have root beer floats). This will guarantee that tomorrow, we'll start good and sick to our stomachs and can base changes from there.

UPDATE: After typing this out and not posting it, we learned that I am still a genius when it comes to cream sauces. Also, PCC's carrot cake was perfect. Why Pomegranate can't make their sumptuous pineapple rum carrot cake without the abundance of sugar in their frosting I don't know, but they should call PCC to find out.


Feb. 20th, 2010 01:29 pm
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"Ah, so you're a waffle man!"
--Talky the Toaster, Red Dwarf

Someone needs to buy me a waffle iron, because Craig just discovered this: Waffleizer: Will it Waffle?
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Frustrations continue. There is now silence.

Craig has a cold, and I'm working very hard to keep from getting sick myself as I've already been sick this quarter and I lost out on three days of class last week. Three important days.

At present, a pot of chicken and garlic is cooking with herbs and olive oil and when it's ready, I'll add carrots, broth, more herbs, spices, and water until it's boiling. Then it will simmer for a while, and just a short time before it's finished, I'll add the spinach & egg noodles.

Every chicken noodle soup I make is different, but somehow I always know what to put in it, what balance of herbs, what spices, even what vegetables to make us feel better. Sometimes I add curry. Sometimes it's more of a lemon-pepper broth or it has the essences of an Hungarian dish. Sometimes it has Thai spices, and other times, it's Japanese. It doesn't matter. Tonight I don't know what it will taste like, not yet, but it will have spinach noodles and rainbow carrots.

Ana's teacher has not written me back. She said they had a talk in class about bathroom behavior again, but she couldn't remember what the teacher said. I couldn't believe that she didn't pay attention, when it was so important to her, but ... ugh.

My friend Consuelo, whom I worked with at NSCC and is now in my Archaeology class, sat and talked with me during my hour break between classes today. She happened to suggest taking a minor as well as a major. Now I'm considering it. I suppose I'll really make a decision after we know who's going to be the next president. To attach myself to a minor would mean graduating later than I planned. I'm not sure if I want to do that. If I can take a minor for which I've already had some classes and use up my limited electives for that then maybe it's possible to still graduate in the summer of 2010. I wish I'd given more consideration to it before now, but seeing as I wasn't sure of my major until my last quarter at North in 2004 ...

Anyway, if you want to weigh in on it, if I decide to have a minor:

[Poll #1287015]

Class M Planet found where Vulcan was said to exist in Star Trek

David Sedaris on Undecided Voters via [ profile] silveringridd


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