Feb. 21st, 2012 05:29 pm
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(Most of this text copied/altered from my FB):

My apologies to those people to whom I keep making promises I cannot keep. These last several days have been especially difficult, as my back is out of alignment again, and my brain remains perpetually foggy as it wavers between floods of pain and floods of medication to keep pain at bay. Thanks to damashita, my body might shift itself back into the good space it was in last week after another friend's hard work, but it leaves me non-functional and unable to drive, so I'm not doing the work or making the visits I promised various friends. I know some will be patient with me (I wish my garden would be so patient) as I get my research done on her behalf, but [ profile] wytchcroft, I made a promise, and I've yet to keep it. I'm sooo sorry! ♥
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Thank you. To each of you who told me a story or even took time to comment, thank you. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.
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I forgot to post this, but Joel sent me this video of he and Clint playing at Isadora's. For those not familiar with Soulfood Books, Clint McCune is the co-proprietor of the wonderful space, and Joel Gamble frequently plays there with his knee-drop-worthy electric violin (which I intend to marry, and Joel is aware that we'll be sharing the violin in the future). ^_^

While this took place at Isadora's and not Soulfood, it gives you a good idea of what kind of energy these two men bring to a space; Clint can lift the energy of any place he plays just by joining in, and Joel will make your feet tap and your heart weep with the broad strokes of his bow. If you're in the Greater Seattle area, Soulfood is a place you MUST check out. It's more than a bookstore, more than a place for free, all-ages music, it's a community center and one that must be preserved and supported.

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EE! I just got a call from the UW's HUB. They want to interview me for the Lead Admin. Asst. position on Tuesday. I set it for far too freaking early in the morning, but so be it. I'll get an idea of what it would mean to get up that early to head to the job. I'll also be heading to the DMV tomorrow or Tuesday to renew my permit and return to my lessons with [ profile] jodawi. I have a checklist now, provided by the DMV, of what I need to know to drive safely/pass driving test.

So, wish me luck for Tuesday, it's going to be a demanding day! I'm so nervous! *dances about* I think we'll head to the zoo today. I'm feeling much better. Anyone want to join us? [ profile] damashita? (Maybe I should just call.)
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Take the What Color Dragon Should You Ride? Quiz

Made By: myway and teza

Okay, okay, so I should probably start reading Pern books, but... I thought there were also white, black, red, and more? Ruth = White Dragon? Sound familiar to any of you Pern readers?

Of course, Ana IS a dragon . . . a metal or white dragon, the most powerful and magical of all in the Chinese zodiac! ::bounces:: She's such a determined and fiesty little dragon, too. ::giggles::

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

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Yay! Enaen (real name exluded here) wrote back! And he didn't call me a Tomfool and send me away! ::bounces:: He's so coot! ::hugs a doll-sized version of Enaen that an EQ GM gave her::

Guess what I got in the mail last night? NEVERNESS! I had to stop myself before I tore through the pages. I'm still reading Singing the Soul Back Home, and since it's important AND a library book, I have to finish it before I can start Neverness. ::foams at mouth, gnashes teeth:: Trying . . . to . . . resist. And, oh my god! All those quotes from Orson Scott Card touting the book made me salivate even more! ::purr, purr, purr:: Thanks, Mom.

As for the title(of this entry--which reminds me of the title of the book), Na Koja Abad, it's a term the Sufis use which translates to something like, "The Land of Nonwhere" . . . I want it tattooed in Urdu on my ankle someday with a little mobius strip (my symbol) floating above it. If I can ever get myself near the needle . . . which reminds me, I met a professional electrolicist who had a tattoo in the same places I've considered getting them, and she said she cheated by using a certain numbing gel and told me how I could get it from a doctor. ::bounces:: She said that with this gel, the needle only made a slight warm annoying tickling/scratching feeling, and that was on bone! I might be getting ever closer to my own tat(s)! Still don't know if I might get a little symbol for each child tattooed on the little finger segements above the first knuckles. Lotus for Ana, a scripted "C" for Cynthia, and then an appropriate symbol for any other child after.

As for the "blah!" . . . well, I'm sick. David gave me the number I needed to call and discuss making a free demo tape (almost wrote "demon tape") for voice acting, and instead of being able to call, my body succumbed to Ana's cold and I couldn't speak anymore! And then, yesterday, after a long day of productivity, I get a letter from DSHS threatening (again) to cut off my benefits for lack of information. Once again, everything I discussed with my worker wasn't documented, and all that she said she understood was suddenly a large issue which needed to be addressed right away. Grr! So, with David's help, we wrote a long letter to my worker AND her supervisor discussing not only the issues they wanted addressed, but also the inefficiency of my worker. It only took 2 1/2 hours of my very busy day! ::growls::

So, that's my update, I hope you all enjoyed it... ::bounces:: Enaen and Neverness! Yay!


Feb. 5th, 2002 01:33 pm
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::sighs wistfully:: Chance? Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

I decided to sign onto AIM since I have full access to a computer all day today (David has jury duty and Ana's in daycare). Lo and behold is Ave, and we chat for a while, and I get booted a few times (this computer is ill). I sign back on to find Jessica online! She and I talk a while, our conversation turns to Clay/Enaen, and I discover he hasn't spoken to her in a while either. We talked about our theories, our pain, and the love and concern we share for our mutual friend. I'm about to sign off and she quickly sends his contact information to me! She asked if I would let her know if I heard from him. ::sighs:: Such a sweety, Jes.

So, I sent an e-mail, I don't know if he'll respond, though I left it up to him... if he wants me to leave him alone I gave permission to send an e-mail that says, "Go Away, Ya Tomfool!" I hope he doesn't say that, but I'd like him to say SOMETHING. I hate to lose friends, especially when I think they're close friends. Poor Clay, he's shy, but he's a sweet spirit, and deserves a great deal more happiness than he has had in his life.
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Misses Enaen, yes we does. ::sniffles:: Can't seem to recall his new e-mail address, and I've already asked Jessica for it more than five times in the last year and a half. I know it's his first initial, second initial, last name and then the @ whatever college he's attending. If he's still attending. ::pouts:: Misses EQ, too. ::twang:: Misses my bow and arrow, and tight black leathers, and blasting the brains of critters with a sweet smile and sunny-yellow robe.

Just found out (thanks to four fan letters in two days) that Big Butt Magazine (::snickers:: What a name!) is reprinting a series of pictures of mine. Actually, they might be slides from the same set that they didn't print before, but everyone's telling me how great I look in the "new issue". Mrrrph? What new issue? I only received a few copies of one of the magazines I've been in, and I've been in several issues of four different magazines. No one ever tells me these things . . . I'm going to have to write to the publisher (she's my fri-end) and ask her what all the hoo-haw is. But hey, it's nice to be recognized again, and now I can push the promotion of my book with my fans! ::bounces::

Working steadily on character descriptions and cover ideas for Aveline so she can draw her pretty pictures of my -- err -- "our" story (gots ta reco'nize Ms. Sera's efforts here, too). Of course, I'm only half way through the descriptions and I've already written five pages (spent two hours on it last night). I set a deadline for myself . . . must get it into Ave by Friday. So I set a schedule. Wrote last night, write tonight, edit it tomorrow and such, then send it when I'm satisfied Thursday night/Friday morning. ::hears the crack of the whip:: Hey, who's back there with that whip? Ow! All right! I'm facing the screen!
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Well, I just got my hug . . . ::sighs:: A certain little Squeaker, caming (literally) squeaking into this room (she insisted on sleeping with her squeaky shoes on). She's wearing a pale pink onsie, a hot pink scarf, her dark blue mittens, and her white and red Hello Kitty shoes. I've talked to her about her fashion statements, and though I make suggestions for a different combination of clothing, she coordinates the way she wants to sometimes. Silly baby. ::smiles::

I shouldn't put myself down too much... I may not have been working on *the* story, but I'm two-thirds of the way through on the Hotel California story. I just have to work out an ending that makes sense . . . and isn't too cliche. Hmm . . . endings are such a bitch! But I'll get through it, really. I knew I could do it when I wrote a short story (beginning, middle AND end) and sent it into a contest. No, I didn't win, but I FINISHED THE STORY. That's the important part. We'll look right past the fact that the Stranger's editorial staff loved my story but still didn't choose it. Why? Not for me to question. But if you'd like to write letters of protest, feel free. ::smiles wickedly::

Why are we put here, filled with all of these stories and ideas, and then find our writing implements (namely our brains) broken and lacking in the connections needed to take what's inside and present it to the world exactly as we envision it? I feel the same way about my drawing, my dancing. Is it just me? I mean, there's a reason writers are driven to drink and use drugs, right?

It's all words, all meaningless, so why the persistent push to write? Maybe some of us don't want to worship at the altar of words, and yet I feel myself being made to kneel, to light the incense, to pray to the holy gods of language. Bah! I feel like such a Tomfool! Where's Enaen when you need him?
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... to let everyone know how much I adore Aveline! She's so sweet and brilliant! ::hugs Ave tightly:: Thank you for your support, darling! ::kisses cheek::

Oh, and your timely post was a blessing.


Ah, yes... NOW I see it... let's see if this works, the front cover of my book...

Yes, I'm still awake at this ungodly hour with my run-down post-nasal dripish feeling and an alarm set for 6am (and a baby set for 5am)... I'm nuts, but... I keep reminding myself: JUST LET GO!


Jan. 19th, 2002 06:02 pm
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Written by Eve:

read ave's lj, reminded us of us... wish we could have gone to harry potter party, too. glad ave had fun, she's bouncy lots. she mentioned johnny the homicidal maniac and then i remembered how much i like squee!


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