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Stick, damn you, stick! If the schools close tomorrow, we get leave with pay. ^__^

I think I'll do a snow dance tonight or something. Improvise!

Last night I made an improvised soup and it's probably one of my best so far. It's a potato and sausage soup, and I'll do my best to give vegetarian/vegan alternatives below.

I took some mashed potatoes I had left over in the fridge to start with, so some of this was already prepped ahead of time and I didn't have the sausage I wanted, but it turned out for the best when I found a solution the flavor problem. Here goes...
2 sausages* (something that crumbles well and has a savory flavor, I used Polish sausage because it was all I had, but I'd recommend a different one that can be crumbled and browned.)
3-5 yukon gold potatoes (medium)
whipping cream*
chicken broth*
dried rosemary
dried thyme
garlic powder
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
dried cranberries/craisins

Slice potatoes into disks with the skin on and steam for half an hour or until softened. Mash, leaving small lumps and mix with butter and 1/4 to a 1/2 a cup of cream, add salt and garlic to taste and put in a large pot. Add in a large can (about 32 oz? "family size") of chicken broth and when empty and half as much water. Crumble and brown sausage in a separate pan and add to soup. Sprinkle in dried rosemary and thyme and grind peppercorns over the pot liberally. Add in garlic powder and sea salt to taste and simmer for twenty minutes. Five minutes before stirring, increase heat to medium and pour in a small amount of cream until broth is a pale yellow colour with a thin, milky texture. Serve in large bowls and stir into each bowl a small handful (about 1/8 cup) of craisins.

Like all soups, this is even better the next day. If the soup is allowed to simmer longer, the herbs will have a better chance of absorbing the broth and flavoring it further, so if you can, simmer for an hour and a half, but twenty minutes will suffice if you're in a pinch. ^__^

*Alternatives; Replace__with__:
Sausage / Soysage or a crumbling grain meat sausage (needs a savory flavor)
Whipping cream / Silk Soy Creamer or other thick soy cream alternative
Butter / for potatoes: vegan alternative; for broth: truffle-infused olive oil (for the right flavor)
Chicken Broth / Mushroom Broth w/ Truffle-infused Olive Oil
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I awoke to a restless child and the sound of rain. The smile had yet to fade from my lips. Last night was magical and charming, and still I swoon from it.

"They kissed until the kissing became a torture and the body grew restless."
--Anais Nin, Delta of Venus

We must return again to the park, this time armed with carrots and lettuces to show the bunnies that we are not silly humans, but bunny caretakers.

For those in Seattle looking for a good restaurant to try: Tango on 1100 Pike St. Spanish and Portugese food. Avoid the pickled vegetables on the ceviche list. Order "El Diablo" for dessert and be prepared for anything the devil might want to do to you.

Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature's Son
swaying daisies sing
a lazy song beneath the sun
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It's amazing to read what I wrote only yesterday. I was so frantic, but today's been so wonderful. The snow is perfect, and everything has gone so well for me. I only hope that Ana will be as happy tonight as I have all day. I have to go pick her up soon, but briefly I shall say this:

-I did everything on my list yesterday (inculding paint my room)
-Sera called last night and we talked... I stayed within my own power, and yet was able to still be affectionate.
-I did all but 1 thing on my list today (and that had a question mark by it)
-I was REQUIRED to go shopping for clothes and beauty products this morning
-I had an eye exam and got all of the information I need on getting my glasses quickly
-Sera and I talked about getting together Thursday and discussing the parenting plan
-I met lots of nice people along the way, and everything just seems to have worked out well today!

Hugs to all, would like to say more now, but... ::sighs:: Must be off... of course, I get to snuggle my little one (whether she likes it or not), YAY!!!! ::bounces::

Jambalaya for dinner tonight... sushi tomorrow. Mmmmmm.....


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