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My defunct web site comes up for renewal in August, and instead of paying $5 a month in hosting a site I'm not updating and has a name that no longer serves me, I would rather create a new domain name that reflects the change in direction my life has taken.

For those not aware of it, in middle school, back when I wanted to be a game designer or computer programmer, I decided I was going to own a company called Raven Images. Sadly, by the time I reached adulthood, some plastic novelty company that produces nothing of worth or value in the world had already taken At the time, I grudgingly created, and I promoted my own modeling as well as that of other plus-sized models of the time. Later, it became a place where I promoted other talents of my own. Now? I don't have any of my web design software, and I don't have the time to hand code anymore. August gives me a deadline to acquire new software and begin work on a new site.

What do I want now?

Not a blog. I have blogs. I have more blogs than I have time to update. I have a domain I need to set up for a specific topic blog, but it isn't a web site. What I need to create is a site that still holds some info about me (writing, resume, recommended resources, links to all the freaking blogs, a few shallowly personal items, et al), but also provides resources I create on the following topics: homeschooling, permaculture, and sexuality. Yep. Not kidding. Mix THAT together, why don't you.

So, think you know me well? Don't know me at all but have some ideas? Want to fling poo at me for sport? Have at. I'm open to any and all suggestions, but if you fling poo, you'd better have brought a sponge and some orange oil for cleaning up your own mess; I'm not into scat, you dirty monkey.
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On the ride home Friday, I had a crazy idea. I had an ingenius, totally absurd idea that probably no one else will want to do with me, but it won't work unless a large group does it all together.

So what's my idea for a more surreal Seattle? We all Ride the Ducks ... ok, that's not really crazy, although some people think it's a little embarassing or touristy ... but we ride the ducks en masque. Picture it, Jacques Cousteau in wet suit and snorkel, Marie Antoinette in full dress wearing a black mask or a mole at her cheek, and other figures and mythological favorites from various points in history. Everyone comes as someone most people have heard of, but we do our best to keep our true identities secret. Because as everyone knows, historical figures who gather together in modern day life are really superheroes. Or we're all just nuts. But whatever.

So, after our jaunt around downtown Seattle and through the water, which I've been told is actually a great deal of fun (but I doubt it's not as fun as doing it IN COSTUME), we take a jaunt over to the Seattle Center armed with umbrellas. Why umbrellas? To dance--in costume, still--in the Seattle Center fountain. Jacques will be best covered for this adventure, and Marie may have to dress down to a hoop and some bloomes. Did they have bloomers in 18th century France?

Anyway, you can't do all of that as a downtown masquerade, without finishing up at somewhere whacky for an early dinner like the Melting Pot or Mama's (Bitchin') Mexican Kitchen, or some other place I can't readily think of.

So, Seattle area folk, who's with me on this? And who do you want to masquerade as on this little adventure? I'm thinking we should do it sometime in May when it's warmer, but before summer when the tourists take over the ducks most.
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I commented in this entry at [ profile] metaquotes about the uses of duct tape and keeping babies' hats on their heads. [Please read entry first.] I just had to comment, being an experienced duct taping parent:
Duct tape comes in quite handy when rearing children. First, it's to keep things on them (i.e. hats, shoes, socks, diapers) or them on other things (i.e. high chair, car seat), then you use it to bind their hands to keep them off of things (i.e. any crystal figurines, star wars action figures in pristine condition, or anything that's breakable or easily destroyed by drool, depending on your fandom base). Finally, you end up just using it all over them, most especially their mouths, once they learn to run about and tell people about their genitalia and gas, everything they just learned from their friends or the television, and your private life with the new "daddy" who comes over for dates. This is also why it's good to have a membership at Costco; they sell duct tape in large quantities at wholesale prices. If you have duct tape left over, you can repair your $350 replica of the Millennium Falcon with tiny pieces and a lot of crying.

So I've heard.

In other news, I had a nightmare that I was thought to be a cop killer, when really all I'd done was steal candy with a bunch of co-workers in protest to our lack of holiday bonuses. The real killers got away, and I was pregnant. Jodawi and Mittel were raising Ana, and I was pregnant with another child, who also became their ward. Ended up making sure another child at Ana's school got safely back to her parents, but was followed by a vigilante cop who wanted to see justice done at his hands. Woke up before resolution, quite convinced I need to make an announcement to my dearest friends on here, which I will do after this post. *sighs, shudders*

I'm also either INFJ (most likely), INFP (more true now than before), or (on good days) ENFP. The links lead to the relationship page, not the overview, because it was easier for me to recognize myself in terms of parenting and lovers and such than it was to read about my daily life. Jen and I have just determined that there should be an index in the backs of these Jungian personality tests that include an entry entitled "writer." It would read: "If you are a writer, then none of this, or rather all of this, may apply to you. Or not. You're not normal. You don't fit in these categories, and you never will, so stop asking. Or go get a real job, you liberal git."

I am the son
And the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
I am the son and heir
Oh, of nothing in particular

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way ?
I am Human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

There's a club, if you'd like to go
You could meet somebody who really loves you
So you go, and you stand on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home, and you cry
And you want to die

When you say it's gonna happen "now"
Well, when exactly do you mean ?
See I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way ?
I am Human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does


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