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I kept trying to find this on YouTube, but this video wasn't labeled with the song, only where and when of the performance. This is even better when Vixy joins in to sing, so Sooj and Alex can do a round. It's spring, are they coming back to Soulfood soon?

For those not in the PNW, you don't know what you're missing. ^_^

[Consider this your Monday Zen after weeks without.]

(sung in the round)
Sleep of the Earth of the land of Faerie
Deep is the lore of Cnuic na Sidhe
Hail be to they of the Forest Gentry
Pale, dark spirits, help us free
White is the dust of the state of dreaming
Light is the mixture to make one still
Dark is the powder of Death's redeeming
Mark but that one pinch can kill

Poison in your dreams
Some will not awake
Nothing's as it seems
Iron bonds will break
Hearts will be set free
Wrongs will be made right
Sleep and death will be
Justice in the night
Sleep will be
Justice in the night
Death will be
Justice in the night
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And to please Tetrises (from two weeks ago):

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(That's about all the snow I need this year. Whatever I see on YouTube.)

I hope everyone who celebrate Solstice enjoyed it. Our event turned out rather well, despite my own (lack of) health trying to drag me down. I met someone new, shared some gnosh with good friends, and crawled into bed at the late hour of 9:30!

Tomorrow is the big Reavis family gathering complete with Dorito's, oysters, and various meats I don't eat. I already know what I'm getting from my father, and I can't wait to bang on it all winter long. Much wrapping to begin today, and I still have to get a couple of small errands done before the day gets underway.

Still not well, but hopefully I'll be able to breathe clearly by tomorrow night. Something tells me, though, that I won't be able to sing with the others around the piano. :(

Oh yeah, and this is win. ^_^
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I want to choreograph music!
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I beat Tetris. Twice. Take that Tetrises!

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I know I already posted a Monday Zen, but I saw this today with [ profile] damashita and I'm raw from laughing.

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I awoke with a line in my head: "Ain't had a good stampede in a while," and an image of a certain character starting a stampede for fun. I wrote it to this song (the original, not the a capella you see above). It turned out well, and I even had Ana read the scene while listening to the song. Yeah. Geekery ensues.

In related news, why does the dwarven steel merchant in Dragon Age sound like John Wayne? I keep imagining he'll say, "Ok Pilgrim, we've got the finest dwarven steel you'll see 'round these parts."

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Gotta see it at 21 seconds and beyond. ^_^
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Hey, we survived Monday! Did anyone else?

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The best part about this is the majority of the video, the pig isn't even near water. ^_^
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(For those not familiar with Maru the Cat visit his human's YouTube page here.)

When we spill salt, we are told to throw a pinch of the spilled salt over our left shoulders to avert bad luck.

How do we prevent bad luck when pepper spills?

What are we to do when we spill cinnamon?

Which is the greater crime?
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It's very hard to think up a Monday Zen when one's fingers and thumb still burn from preparing last night's stuffed poblanos.

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I wonder if I actually think for myself. If mine are the independent thought processes I believe we all should seek to achieve. Oh sure, I have plenty of ideas, and many of those are sprung from the inspiration of older ideas that I've taken into myself in some form or fashion. But when it comes to, say, political views or spiritual paths, or habits that I've accepted or picked up through my life, are these the products of a conscious choice on my part, using reason and analysis to choose them? Not very likely. They are the amalgamation of sound bytes and alarmist reactions that have affected me, they are often based on intuition, which is a way of knowing surely, or worse, based on fear. At what point can I honestly say that I actually came up with the principles I espouse, when it is clear to me that I am frequently rehashing old arguments in my own voice?

Have we not all just become talking heads for the various pieces of philosophy that we have consumed, digested, and decided felt/seemed/appeared right? How can any of us be said to have independent thought, to think critically, when we are programmed by our individual experiences, histories, and vulnerabilities?

Very rarely do I feel as if I've stumbled across something within my own thoughts that I could not trace back to a former source to which I was exposed, and often even then, I am shown by those around me that they had found a similar--or even exact--idea presented by another.

So, are we even capable of independent thought?

This, I feel goes rather hand-in-hand with the question as to whether there ever could be a human that is truly "objective." For are we not all biased in some way?

How does anyone know for certain that he or she is living a life based on independent, conscious choices, and not simply a recylced product of the past?
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(Forgot yesterday was Monday. I'd had this open and waiting all weekend, and then Safari crashed, and I forgot about it. Enjoy your Monday+1 Zen!)


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