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Like last year, I decided for my birthday dinner to make something really special we could all enjoy and not find somewhere else. After a conversation about chowder the other day, I realized what we needed was to try this corn, tomato, and bell pepper soup from "My Kitchen in the Rockies." I can't recommend this culinary blog enough. In the last week, I've made three of the recipes from this blog, and all were incredible, even when I needed to make substitutions.

So here's my version of this bold, flavorful soup, made with seafood to honor another year of being alive.

3 large, firm heirloom tomatoes
2 bell peppers (I used one red, one orange)
4 cloves of garlic
3 ears of corn
1 lb. salmon fillet
1/2 lb. large, uncooked and deveined shrimp (still in shell)
3 c. chicken broth
olive oil
chili pepper
chipotle pepper

Roast tomatoes and peppers as per original directions (for me, it meant about 20 minutes for each type of fruit in the toaster oven on aluminum foil). Place peppers in paper bag to cool. Peel skins off both when cooled.

Shave corn kernels from cobs. Mince or press garlic cloves and add to warmed olive oil in soup pot. Add corn and sautee both together about 5 minutes. Set small portion of cooked corn aside for garnish. Add peeled peppers and tomatoes to pot, covering with chicken broth. Bring to boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Use a hand mixer to puree vegetables in pot. When fully blended, mix in chipotle and chili peppers and salt. Cut salmon into large chunks, stirring them into the soup, increase heat to medium-low, and cook salmon in soup for 15 minutes. Add shrimp and cook another 5 minutes. Serve with corn kernels and avocado chunks for garnish.

This photo doesn't do it justice, but my Nikon's battery was in need of charging, so I had to rely on my phone in a dimly lit room. :P

We also had ours with warmed, gluten-free, herb focaccia bread for dipping. Everyone ate two large bowls. Then we had a good Southern cake: wheat-free banana pudding poke cake. Homemade. Nom.
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Beluga whales protected by Feds despite efforts by Palin to halt further protection of the declining Beluga population. Too bad the Feds didn't care much about what happened to the wolves and their pups, though.
As with the polar bear, Ms. Palin’s administration opposed the beluga listing in part because of its potential to restrict coastal and offshore oil and gas development. The beluga listing could also affect other projects, including the expansion of the Port of Anchorage and a proposed bridge over Knik Arm that would connect Anchorage to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and Ms. Palin’s hometown, Wasilla.


“I have never seen this agency take any more action than it was forced to,” Mr. Van Tuyn said, “so going through to endangered is great. I think the population is so darn small that they had no choice.”
According to Palin, only small towns in the U.S. are "pro-America," while she doesn't state it, I'm sure she meant to imply that the rest of us are heathen terrorists and underground communists who secretly wish to see America fail in its glorious path toward the ultimate in capitalist imperialism. Right? Biden sets the SouthWest--and Palin--straight.

In other news, we've been eating a lot of hummus. Different types of hummus. We got the "make your own flavor" hummus from Costco, we've had two containers of white bean and basil hummus with pine nuts, and then I just found this recipe: Hummus en Fuego made with homemade red pepper oil. *drools*


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