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I'm in pain AND aroused and all I can think of is unloading $50 on yarn. Or fisting. You know, either way. Or both.

Links I've been drooling over:
Andean Treasure Yarn

Suri Dream Hand Dyed Yarn

Suri Dream Yarn

Palette Yarn

Poncho Pattern Directory

Ostrich Plume Capelet (I think Ana would like this one. She keeps hinting at projects and yarn she'd like.)

Butterfly Poncho

Blooming Petals Cape

Blue Blue Blue Poncho

Lion's Brand Yarns
I think if all I got for Solstice/Xmas was my own copy of Stitch 'n' Bitch and a huge gift certificate to Knit Picks, I'd be pretty fucking happy. My current project is a two-skein, 6' theatrical scarf using Lion's Brand "Incredible" ribbon yarn in the color Copper Penny. It makes me think of late summer carnivals, Renn Faire jesters in their harlequin brocade, Halloween Jack (is a real cool cat), and twilight evenings when everyone's your friend. I'm so in love with this yarn. It's not going to keep me warm this winter, but I have this feeling that if I wear it, I'll be more myself ... and hopefully more fuckable. *laughs*

I want to get good enough to make some of those ponchos. I'm especially fond of the Blooming Petals Cape and the Blue Blue Blue poncho. There's a pattern for a poncho in Stitch 'n' Bitch (it's on my wishlist!) that shows how to make a big, fluffy poncho with warmer wools (I'm thinking alpaca) with a mixture of the fun fur yarn that I can't seem to resist buying.

I need to remember that when I'm watching a show or movie with the family, I can be knitting, too, or I'll not get as many projects done this season as I want to. I can't believe how addictive knitting can be. Seriously, I'm getting as excited thinking about yarn as I used to about office supplies. Am I sick? Because I'm definitely wet.
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I'm at [ profile] damashita's house. I took a nap in the guest room this morning and awoke to hear one of the birds say something quite wrong. I heard, "here kitty, kitty, kitty ..." and then a maniacal cackle. A sadistic Quaker parrot.

And I shouldn't like this as much as I do. I think this should be reserved for a girls' night out:

Anthony Stewart Head in leather and Sarah Brightman singing, Terrance looks tasty, and oh yes, scalpels. Yum.
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Yes, that's Travis Fimmel, from the short-lived Tarzarn: the Series being asphyxiated.

help me.


Feb. 5th, 2002 10:18 am
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::purrs:: He wrote back! And yes, he is on LiveJournal. ::bounce, bounce, bounce::

Mr. Churchill, can we jump up and down on your stomach? Boingy-boingy-boingy!

These childish crushes are going to do me in, or maybe they're there to keep me in touch with my innocence. I think I like the latter idea, it works well for me and gives me an excuse to be silly around pretty guys and girls I like. ::swoons over Raoul::

And I just love the quote he has after his signature:

Love like you've never been hurt
Dance like nobody's watching
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I'm standing at a bus stop, and two cute goth boys were waiting for the same bus. Struck up a little chit-chat, flirted a little, found out they were new to the area and have not yet been to the local conventions. Mmmm... Con-virgins. So, I think they're in their early twenties, maybe 19 at youngest, then we get on the bus and I notice they pay partial fare. ::catch in throat:: They were 17 at the OLDEST! And the blonde was Russian... ::purrs::

"We like our women, strong like bull."
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Tomorrow I will officially be a "born again virgin" (in heterosexual terms) ::sobs, wails::

Today I practically mounted a man at the bus stop -- he was your standard attractive Seattle bicyclist (without his bicycle). I opened up conversation again and again. Oh, I knew he wasn't interested in me, but there was a little hope I might spark his interest. I thought, maybe he's shy or he doesn't see my subtle attempts to show interest. Not to say that I opened up any sexual conversation, no, just ordinary chit-chat. A bit of humor, a little bit about myself -- like how I wished I had learned to drive while I was in High School. I felt ridiculous making such childish advances, I should have just come out and said, "I think you're cute. If you find me attractive, wanna go home with me right now and have sex?" It was only when we were on the bus and I saw the band of gold on his finger that I felt justified in having kept my mouth shut.

Of course, I'm not normally one for casual sex, but these days I would be satisfied with an attractive man who thinks I'm pretty and can keep going for a few hours and several rounds. ::smiles::

Now, ladies, don't get me wrong. I have had sex with women or at least fondling/petting across the last year, and YES, IT IS SEX, but not according to my body right now. It aches from the lack of interpersonal contact with a penis. A year and a day, and I'm frantic! I would adore being with a woman, cuddling and playing but my body has this deep need for a throbbing penis and an attractive man attached to it.

I'm frightened by this cliche bitch-in-heat syndrome, but the feeling is consuming me. Men I come into contact with on a regular (daily/weekly) basis and previously had no interest in are starring in my fantasies as I type this!

Oh gods! Help me! ::whimpers::


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