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Wow. So very much in pain. I took a nap as soon as I got home, but I survived my first full week of education at the UW. I should be out celebrating, but Craig has my sore throat and my knees are inflamed. Bah!

And the rain has set in, which means fall is charging in and I realize after a stressful trip home that I should get my brakes checked, my tires inspected, and anything else that might impair my ability to stop when stopping needs to happen. It feels as though the left front wheel is wobbly. Not good. Have promised [ profile] jrsp that I will bring by the Accord for an oil change and a proper look ... this may happen in the next couple of weeks. Anyone want a Jiffy Lube gift certificate that will expire soon?

I had a lovely time this afternoon eating lunch, drinking tea, and talking with one of the TAs from my Linguistics class about graphic novels and the ills of society. She talks fast and I can, too, so we packed in a lot in an hour and a half. I drank a GIANORMOUS cup of packet chai with sugar in the raw and half-and-half. Mrrow-um.

Unfortunately, I'm still not feeling my groove. The cough/congestion is still lingering and I've been feeling rather old and well, like a giant troll among fairies. Even had a dream about it during my nap today. Blech.

I recommend you all read an inspired and inspiring essay on Joe Six-Pack that speaks to the "average American" and the people Palin thinks she's talking to when she uses the phrase.
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A crab that's watched Finding Nemo too many times, rides a jellyfish. Totally hardcore.

I had to remind myself this morning why it was I needed to get out bed. I was convinced that it wasn't really all that important. The dreams and the pillow were calling me back. Ugh. But here I am, ... uh ... raring to go? *flop*

I hate stairs.
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So how likely is it, four years after working/schooling at North that I would run into one of the coolest people I ever met there here at the UW in one of my classes. Four years, and I run into Consuelo in my Archaeology class. The girl I thought was awesome who likes to "blow shit up" just started here, has the same major, and we're in a fucking class together. Mind blown.

In the first two days I have already learned two very important lessons:
1. I hate stairs.
2. Use a map with the course offerings BEFORE registering and settling on classes.

Science fact: Did you know if you take a large woman with a cold and send her marching up staircase after staircase through thickets of other students and across wide campuses that she'll sweat and cough profusely through her first two hours on campus?

Next lesson to learn: how to be succinct in writing science facts.


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