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[Accumulation from various days, including today]:

  • Shaft of golden sunlight reflected on a child's legs in the doorway.

  • The solidified amber windows of a cat's spirit turning hollow as the tenant fled the premises.

  • White pages of a text book blushing from the kisses of clouds made of roses and marigolds.

  • A girl's tresses braided lovingly by a pair of daffodil monks.

  • Plump, cerise starflowers, each cupping a treasured, sapphire berries

  • An aerial parade of dark-winged messengers taking up center stage for a song and dance.
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From Yesterday:
  • Love's labor wilting in the sun.

  • Cats giving up their pretense to the oppressive heat.

  • The Dalai Lama staring back at in me from the liquid in my daughter's eyes.
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  • Six fire trucks and a host of aid cars and medical vans racing down 15th past 42nd; students wait through two light cycles as the red parade rolls by.

  • Army of news helicopters circle above the heads of milling students; few faces turn up in curiosity.

  • Screeching seagulls wheeling into the sky, away from the scene of the crime.

What's it all about? The only report thus far comes from, which merely states:
Hazardous substance spill reported at Hall Health
Posted at 12:57 pm on Monday, May 11, 2009

A hazardous spill has been reported at Hall Health. Emergency crews are responding. The campus community is asked to avoid the area.*

It's 2:39pm. The emergency vehicles came by just fifteen minutes ago, but this issue was known about over an hour and a half ago. Where are the reports of what's really going on?

NOTE: also says about this issue: "Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time."

UPDATE (2:50pm): Just updated the local page on KOMO News and found this brief report, which doesn't coincide with the fact that the UW Emergency page included a notice at 12:57pm. I'm telling you, someone's trying to bullshit me, and I'm keen to their deception. Feel free to post your own speculatoins. Illuminati? Aliens? Neo-Republicans? Secret government cover-ups? Did Air Force One forget to let Seattle firefighters and police know about the photo-op over the UW? You decide!
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I wonder at what point in their evolutionary history, cats realized that letting monkeys paw at them was advantageous to their food supply and for getting to that hard-to-reach spot between the shoulders.

But really, isn't it odd that cats ever deigned to let monkeys touch them in the first place? It's as though we evolved to serve their needs, while we bred dogs to serve ours.

Today I Saw ...
(No, really, this one was really from today!)

  • Rusted tin can awaiting the school bus

  • Kite flying on rainbow wings

  • Teenagers pushing bikes down the sidewalk; sign on handle bars:

  • Gentle passion surfacing from the depths of a man's eyes

  • That tin can is still waiting.
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From Tuesday:

  • Looking glass lake reflecting open sky

  • Apricot tower surrounded by Lothlorien trees

  • Seagulls gathering day-old rice from a proffered bowl.
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(From Friday, April 2nd):

  • blush of lake at the glowing compliment from the sky

  • the woman I married in a Taco Bell matured to the beauty of self-actualization

  • sillhouette of blackbirds taking to the trees in twilight

  • nest nestled in the branches of a birch that doesn't know it's spring yet

(From Tuesday, April 7th):

  • lace pattern of branch shadows casting aspirations at the ground

  • coffee black ant braving the grass jungle past watchful giants

  • crushed strawberry descent into the soothing pool of vibrant lemonade

  • the juxtaposition of seared brussels sprouts and fish tacos in order to follow the Golden Path to the child's natural response
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  • A better path opening before me.

  • Pink kiss of cherry blossoms on the grey matte of sky.

  • Snow, the gods' April Fools joke: "You thought it was spring? Haha! April Fools!"

  • 520 eagle braving the wind and weather
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(from Monday)

  • 520 bald eagle poised on water sculpture; he surveyed the ducks and cars.

  • Missing Person: Corey Haim, Reward $500.
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(Just pretend I wrote and posted this yesterday.)

  • Angry teenagers hauling canoes.

  • License plate: CZECHM8.

  • Watchful hawk perched above the freeway.

  • Dr. Frank-N-Venture carried by Brocky.

  • A cat and his girl.


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