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I'm in pain AND aroused and all I can think of is unloading $50 on yarn. Or fisting. You know, either way. Or both.

Links I've been drooling over:
Andean Treasure Yarn

Suri Dream Hand Dyed Yarn

Suri Dream Yarn

Palette Yarn

Poncho Pattern Directory

Ostrich Plume Capelet (I think Ana would like this one. She keeps hinting at projects and yarn she'd like.)

Butterfly Poncho

Blooming Petals Cape

Blue Blue Blue Poncho

Lion's Brand Yarns
I think if all I got for Solstice/Xmas was my own copy of Stitch 'n' Bitch and a huge gift certificate to Knit Picks, I'd be pretty fucking happy. My current project is a two-skein, 6' theatrical scarf using Lion's Brand "Incredible" ribbon yarn in the color Copper Penny. It makes me think of late summer carnivals, Renn Faire jesters in their harlequin brocade, Halloween Jack (is a real cool cat), and twilight evenings when everyone's your friend. I'm so in love with this yarn. It's not going to keep me warm this winter, but I have this feeling that if I wear it, I'll be more myself ... and hopefully more fuckable. *laughs*

I want to get good enough to make some of those ponchos. I'm especially fond of the Blooming Petals Cape and the Blue Blue Blue poncho. There's a pattern for a poncho in Stitch 'n' Bitch (it's on my wishlist!) that shows how to make a big, fluffy poncho with warmer wools (I'm thinking alpaca) with a mixture of the fun fur yarn that I can't seem to resist buying.

I need to remember that when I'm watching a show or movie with the family, I can be knitting, too, or I'll not get as many projects done this season as I want to. I can't believe how addictive knitting can be. Seriously, I'm getting as excited thinking about yarn as I used to about office supplies. Am I sick? Because I'm definitely wet.
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Here's my wishlist, not that I know a lot of people who have money to be buying vain gifts for silly girls (or is that reversed?):

Raven Jennie's Wishlist

Of course, if the addy's wrong, just look under "wishlist" for You know, if you like to spend money for no reason on cute BBW's like me. ::blinks sweetly::
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Everything I Would Do If I Were Omnipotent For 24 Hours

(I know I said a week, but actually, I made it 24 hours originally)

1. Put everyone in a gentle slumber, safe and peacefully dreaming for the 24 hours I set to work (will awaken at the point when I am no longer omnipotent)

2. Make myself tireless for those 24 hours, and impervious to ANY harm.

3. Heal Ana of all illness and emotional wounds, making her confident, compassionate and secure in our relationship: prevent her from falling ill again

4. Change my appearance to my ideal self (and make me recognizable to my loved ones – especially Ana who might be afraid otherwise), heal myself of PEMS (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) wounds.

5. Make myself impervious to future illness.

6. Heal all of my loved ones, and those for whom I care.

7. Rescue Fiz, making him free of his political/familial bondage.

8. Find the terrorists of WTC tragedy, and place them in the hands of UN military officials.

9. Impeach the president.

10. Give my father empathy and great understanding of others.

11. Teach Rockie remorse, empathy, and to admit to his crimes against me, my mother, and all others he has harmed.

12. Strengthen my mother (beyond the healing done for my loved ones).

13. Give my other-father the doctorate in Chemistry he already earned, yet continues to be undeservedly denied.

14. Fill the coffers of my loved ones to overflowing, more than they will ever need, and teach them the richness of sharing that abundance. (Though I suspect they already know it... ::winks:: ).

15. Cleanse Don of his anger and hatred.

16. Cleanse myself of my own anger (for anger is weakness – thanks to Anne Rice for pointing out something so simple I missed it!)

17. Purge those for whom I care of their harmful addictions (those that have them -- you know who you are...)

18. Heal Sera’s mother and brother.

19. Make everyone open to being my friend (or more), though not to excess or obsession – contentment with others whether I reciprocate or not.

20. Remove the garbage and toxins from the world, the chemical waste dumps; heal the planet and ozone.

21. Return many of the natural forests to the world (within reason – some places would completely destroy large cities), and the lifeforms indigenous to them; teach the world how to live in balance with nature.

22. Cure the illnesses that threaten our lives (from a global standpoint) and the quality there in.

23. Fill the waters with life and love.

24. Fill the world with magical abundance; return magical creatures to the world (and many extinct/endangered non-magical ones, too).

25. Create secreted fountains that forever gush forth with wonderous waters: love, healing, creativity, peace, and hope.

26. Create the harem of my dreams and make myself open to positive sensations (see above re: healing self).

27. Give to my loved ones strength, youth, vitality, true happiness, and longevity with the gift of concious control of the paths they take in life and the knowledge of where they will lead. Open to them their full creativity, bountiful health, and the enhancement of all their talents.

28. Ensure that each child I bear will be healthy, happy, secure, strong, intelligent, compassionate, and give each the ability to persue and fully embrace the path which will fulfill them most, make them great healers and leaders of their chosen paths, entrust them with the ability to choose their fates with concious understanding of the consequences. Endow them with long lives of youthful vitality and great beauty (inner and outer) and the seeds to pass these endless gifts on to future generations.

29. Give myself the ability to fly, and the ability to pass along this gift to anyone I choose.

30. Give myself (and loved ones) the ability to live youthful, vital lives as long as they wish, giving them the choice when it is time to move on... immortality of a sort, with a way out when it seems better to move on to the next stage. There’s only so long someone can stay in school. ::smiles::

31. Create machines (and the plans to create as many as needed across the world) for the various functions of life to add to the quality of life: a device to take in all garbage and waste and produce recylcled products to enhance life so we no longer will require the mining and drilling of our Earth, holo-suites and food replicators (how could I not?), non-polluting vehicles, ships to explore the universe in (ah, but to whom would I give control of this? It’s so easy for someone to misuse them... Perhaps ships which only allow people to access them whose hearts and spirits they deem worthy?), and so many more...

32. Take a little time before everyone wakes to explore the universe.

No, this list is not complete, certainly, I could add to it almost daily. The point is, these are those things that I find most important. Besides, I must leave something for others to create!

Why not ask for world peace (whirled peas)? For the very reason that to achieve total peace is to die. Without challenges, without obstacles and something to fight against, life becomes stagnant. Humanity thrives in chaos and a hostile environment, even if the hostility is political, social, or even more subtle. Without goals to achieve, without struggling to succeed, we lose our vitality, our essence, our creativity. Who needs authors in paradise? We would become simpletons, excessive hedonists, complacent, soft, and bound; we would lose our curiosity, our freedom, and our spirit. Let people decide how to achieve peace, for it is fleeting and illusory, yet it is there. Peace comes from within, let us be thankful for the chaos outside that makes us struggle, that makes us strong. Without discord there can be no appreciation for harmony.


Jan. 9th, 2002 02:24 pm
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I decided to make a list called "Everything I would do if I were omnipotent for a week." I recommend everyone try this. Write out everything you can think of, the rules are, you cannot do something that would truly harm another person. Ex: someone who hurt me, I said I wanted them to feel remorse for what they'd done, admit to it, and learn to feel empathy for others.

Should I post my list here?

A New Year

Dec. 28th, 2001 05:50 pm
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I don’t have resolutions, I don’t know when I will achieve my goals (we each develop and grow at our own rates). To place a limit on when I can accomplish something sets myself up for disappointment. Instead, I have goals I will aim for, some I may complete before the year’s end, others will be a continuing journey; an arrow in mid-flight, whirring in the wind, on its way to its mark.

Those goals include:
-Open myself to more social interaction, make new friends, spend more time with the ones I have
-Laugh more, play more
-Continue to write. Perhaps even finish a story (or that damned first draft of our first “Eila Corbin” novel)
-Get my own computer
-Find employment worthy of my skills, and a salary worth my time. Maybe an editor or an editorial assistant?
-Learn to drive (the next step being: buy a car).
-Take more control of the steering, yet flow along with the stream of Life.
-Move into my own apartment and reclaim my belongings!
-End this unwanted celibacy!

I'm looking forward to putting this year behind me, my Christmas day was spent with disappointments and illness. No one showed up, and I had to take Ana to Children's Hospital on Christmas Day. Blah! The Snake is going to do all he can to bite me on the way out.

I'm currently on the phone with a person seeking donations for the McGraw Police Dog programs. Great. It's "only $12". Silly people.
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My Impossible Xmas Wish List

(The list I write every year contrary to the practical and affordable items I ask my family for, it makes me feel better to put it out there. After all, if you know it’s impossible to get, what’s the harm in asking the Universe? I might just get what I wish for... ::winks::)

-jack-booted dominatrix
-omnipotence (though as a consolation present I will accept being able to decide who lives and who dies – if I can’t be god, I’d at least like to exact my revenge)
-a winning lottery ticket worth at least $20 million
-my childhood back
-at least 5 acres (near river and the beach!) and a construction crew who will build my house however I want it
-an AMD Athlon XP 1.8+ GHz processor, 512 MB DDR RAM, 40x DVD drive, 24x10x40 CD-RW, GeForce3 nFinite-FX 64MB DDR Video card, 80 GB ATA/100 hard drive, Black Dragon mid- or full- tower case, 340-Watt power supply, Koolmaxx Video cooling system, 10/100 Network card, MS WinXP, Epson Stylus photo quality printer (1200x2400 dpi), Altec Lansing CS300 speakers/subwoofer, Canoscan N124OU (1200x2400 dpi resolution), wireless 3D gaming glasses, DV.nowAV, and all the software available to write, create graphics and webpages, play my favorite games (EQ, I miss you!), make/edit music, make/edit video, and oh yeah – a DSL modem and service paid up for a year! I have to keep in touch!
-video editing deck
-large, flat screen TV
-anything and everything on my wishlist (look under
-a $10,000 gift certificate to buy Ana prezzies at Toys R Us
-a harem (I’d settle for a stable, but a nice gender mix is preferable)
-the cute cure, Corinne, we met at the bus stop, tied with a pink ribbon – I’ll keep her in the basement and feed her little bits of cheese.
-my GrandMarie’s sapphire rings, or heck, my GrandMarie!


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