Jan. 19th, 2013

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Dear Pinterest members with whom I'm not well acquainted,

We need to discuss the overuse of two terms when sharing links. Specifically, I speak of course, about the proliferation of the word "genius" and the phrase "to die for."

Genius is a rare -- or at least, uncommon -- occurrence in the world. While the storage idea you just pinned might be clever, inspired, and even innovative, unless it also defies physics or improves life across the globe, I doubt it warrants the term genius.

As for the cupcake recipe you tried which proved moist, delicious, and even orgasm-worthy, is it really something for which you would relinquish your life? Now, perhaps we share a different list of what qualifies as worthy of our personal deaths -- mine is rather succinct -- but I rather doubt the recipe needs you to shield it from tyranny or theft with your life. Of course, I do know a Scottish tale in which a man allowed his only son to die and forfeited his own life rather than share his family's secret heather ale recipe with the Roman invaders who'd been torturing them, so I'll concede that once in a great while, such deaths are perceived as necessary.

In the future, might I suggest providing a brief comment on a given pin that strikes your fancy that instead makes full use of the words at your disposal. Refer to a thesaurus, share your experience with what you're pinning, or leave a note about a particular detail in the pin you found noteworthy. Or you could just include the title and let us discover for ourselves what made a given link worth your time to pin.

Thank you and be well.


No, I will not "shut the door" because I'm making a pinned recipe or craft project. I can't even fathom why Pinterest is becoming riddled with this phrase.

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