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Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:Washington, United States of America
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“A chattering crow lives out nine generations of aged men, but a stag’s life is four times a crow’s, and a raven’s life makes three stags old, while the phoenix outlives nine ravens, but we, the rich-haired Nymphs, daughters of Zeus the aegis-holder, outlive ten phoenixes.”

         --Hesiod, quoted by Plutarch, Obsolescence of Oracles

My name is Raven. Yes, really. I was born at dawn on a futon mattress on the corner of Thomas & 23rd. Although my natal chart says I’m balanced, I should warn you that I’m a quintuple Virgo with a Pisces moon, but I suck at housecleaning and I’ve learned not to be such a social doormat. I bite … but only if you ask nicely.

What started as a great story of potential—a budding prodigy, one might say—turned into a great story of unrealized potential. While my internal life is a veritable eden of wonder and vivid beauty, my life is rather mundane. The good news is, everything looks fabulous in writing, and while having accomplished little myself, I have lived among people and experienced events that would make one assume I could be rather interesting to talk to. Sorry, I’m not.

An extroverted introvert (INFJ/ENFP?), you might find me sitting nervously off in the corner or dominating a conversation with boisterous and controversial statements. Performance has always been my best way of coping with difficult social situations, and while it didn’t always make me friends, it certainly made for raised eyebrows and guilty laughs.
Narnia, Norwescon 2006

“We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way.”

         --Audre Lorde

I’m a writer who comes from a long line of writers, journalists, screenwriters, English teachers, and advertisers. There is a book of poetry on the market—it has my name on it—and even I will gladly give it a scathing review. A few of the poems are good, the rest is just filler. Like Rimbaud I learned that poetry is best written in youth, polished in the transition to adulthood, and buried in maturity. While I would much rather be a renowned science-fiction and erotica writer, I rarely complete the stories I start, and I get very, very polite rejection letters. With handwritten notes of encouragement.

I am a kissing fetishist, hedonist, and a gourmand. One might say I’m oral. Lovers often take me to five star restaurants just to listen to me orgasm from the exquisite taste of something new. Yes, orgasm. My genealogy also includes courtesans, amateur gourmet chefs, artists, circus performers, royalty, and treasonous love stories that end somewhat more sensibly than Romeo and Juliet--America rather than suicide.

I have lived at both ends of the economic spectrum. At one time the spoiled step-daughter of a multi-millionaire and later a single mother on welfare, and I’ve found there is less shame in the latter than the former. I learned more from two years of workstudy at a community college than I did in eight years attending the best private schools in the country.

My family has often been entangled with the realm of acting, and I am a performer like many before me. I auditioned for the role of Aliah in Dune. At the age of five I was the youngest student accepted to the Alliance Theatre of Atlanta after one cold reading. In my youth, I acted in every play I auditioned for, and was automatically cast in a few for which I did not audition. While my grandfather wrote for people and shows such as Gary Moore, Carol Burnett, Laredo, and All in the Family, it was I who pissed off Morgan Fairchild.
photo by Hypnox

I am a dancer. The Moroccan troupe at Disneyworld taught me to bellydance when I was seven. I’d been following the steps of every dance movie since I was four, and I started choreographing at fifteen. You would not know it to look at me now or even then, but I danced six hours a day, five days a week. I graduated high school with the Senior Dance Award, but my dream ended there. Now I dance to connect to my spirit.

I am polyamorous, and I dream of an intentional family turned community that practices collective child-rearing. I am pagan, using Princeton’s definition that I do not worship your god(s). I question everything that I believe, and it keeps me from falling into the traps of dogma … usually. I dabble in Dreamwalking and Shamanism, and have done so for over a decade. I am a Reiki master, and I can’t exactly say why it works, and am frustrated that it doesn’t work better, because it should. Much knowledge has been lost, but I know that there are many paths to the same goal, and not everything was meant to be used in isolation. I value spirituality and science, and do not understand those who can only embrace one over the other.

I am a lifelong learner, and as a hedonist, I have returned to University to study Socio-Cultural & Applied Anthropology with an emphasis on human sexuality. Let’s face it, if it has to do with food or sex, I’m interested. People ask me why, what will I do with this degree. Isn’t the purpose to study that which interests us? What happens after graduation is just another step along a path that doesn’t need to be completely laid out in advance. Remember this: Learning is easy. All knowledge is worth having. You’ll find more truth and wisdom in a science-fiction novel than a text book. The only way to truly learn is to want it. Most of my best teachers have been writers such as Heinlein, Herbert, Carey, Butler, Constantine, Elgin, Atwood, Card, Gaiman.

I am politically liberal; I believe in social responsibility and the protection of civil liberties. I am pro-choice. My reasons are extensive, but ultimately it comes down to allowing a person to choose for herself what responsibility she is willing to take for her body and for her life. I stand by those who would seek to decriminalize prostitution, legalize drugs, provide national healthcare coverage, and who put funding for education before funding for the military. We have fought enough wars; more than ever were necessary. Our country is dying, and I yearn for revolution.
golden mama


While I don’t want to rule the world, I’ve been promised by several contenders the position of either the new regime’s Commanding General, or the well-rewarded Liaison Officer. For some, there is no difference between the two roles. Remember, when there is an option between two good choices, the answer is always “both.” Whereas the answer to any of my daughter’s “Why …” questions is always “Gravity.”

I have been a phone sex operator, web mistress, corporate slave, paper pusher, professional bull-shitter, babysitter, and a telemarketer for non-profits. I held a two-week career as a housekeeper and realized that watching Xavier and Maria all those years taught me nothing about scrubbing a floor that already looks clean. While I started modeling at a young age, it’s the series of cheesecake pictures in magazines that still garner me a few fan letters each year. I’m a recovering gamer, but only because I had to become a Responsible Adult™ to care for my child. My life’s to do list is longer than my patience, and my motivational coach sits on the couch and watches reruns of House. I am currently an aspiring voice actress without proper sound equipment. Or betimes a voice. I still sleep with a teddy bear.

I’ve achieved enlightenment and lost it; I’ve known great love … and I lost that, too. I have seen how amazingly wondrous I am and faced the darkest parts of myself without flinching. I have been both abused and the abuser, suicidal and savior, confidant and betrayer. I hold high standards and am a confessed and thrice-punished hypocrite for breaking every one of my rules. I have danced for Kali naked, luxuriated in bed all day making love to men and women alike, and met people in dreams before meeting them in real life. I can predict how many children you will have. I have been named Queen of Thieves by those who knew my skills (and benefited from my stolen gifts). I fall in love over and over again with my daughter whose slight-of-hand at age four outdid my own. Oh yes, and I beat Tetris. Twice.

“Love as thou wilt."

         --the Precepts of Blessed Elua, Kushiel Series, Jacqueline Carey

I AM SEEKING TO MEET: People unafraid of who they are, who enjoy subverting the dominant paradigm, and can see possibilities where most would see nothing. While LJ is not traditionally a meet-and-greet social networking site, if you happen to be in the Seattle/Woodinville area and are interested in one of the skills to which I have taken a fancy (native gardening, knitting, learning ASL, relearning Classical guitar, increasing French fluency), then please feel free to say hello or send a message.

Helpful Links

desir_vert: my desire journal
kinknews: sexuality and kink in the news
satyrs_lounge: a community for sensual people to relax and discuss anything that tickles their fancy
seattlephoto: Amateur and professional photographers or models who live or enjoy Seattle.

Photos:See my pictures at! (Currently paid and updating.) For my flickr profile, look here. I also have two photo accounts (no longer updating) at PinstripedFanny and Paideia8; pictures posted in 2005.

External Links:My, the webcomics I currently read, and just a few of my artistic friends who I like to pimp.

External Communities: If you're not already a part of Six (More) Degrees, why not? Oh, and there’s my deviantArt account I never update.

Tribute: Also, if you think I'm peachy, I welcome tribute. Curious about what I'm seeking? Check out my wishlist, or look to see what I'm longing for on my Or if you just want to help me pay my daughter's tuition or that next mayan chocolate milk shake at Hagen-Daaz, well, aren't you a dear?

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