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Attention writers, friends, and epeolatarians!

Whether you write for pleasure, money, or to quell the voices in your head, I'm holding the second annual (newly named) Epeolatry Contest.

What is it? I give you a writing challenge with a set criteria, and you produce a piece for the contest by the anniversary of my birth, September 16th at 5:47a.m. Pacific.

Why would you do this? Because it's a fun, creative exercise, and if you're one of the top three picks (I'm the only judge -- pander, pander), you'll get a handmade gift from me. AND I'm going to take on the challenge of providing audio versions of each winning story to accompany the written pieces. (So if you like the sound of my voice, yay! Bonus!)

This year, in honor of naming the contest*, I've picked a selection of 35 obscure words I believe ought to be in more common use (that's 34 for each of the years I'll have been alive, plus "one to grow on"). From those, choose three to seven words, and write a 600 word short story or sonnet. So, makari, brush up on your iambic pentameter!

You may choose any genre, but try to make your story or sonnet as sensual as possible (i.e. strong sensory descriptions, not necessarily sexual). After all, as the name of this contest suggests, you should show worship in your writing to the words you utilize.

The word list:

  1. arenaceous. adj. 1. Consisting of sand or sandlike particles. 2. (of animals or plants) Living or growing in sand.

  2. bantling. n. A very young child.

  3. cyprian. adj. Lecherous, licentious, and lewd.

  4. deliquescent. adj. Becoming liquid or having a tendency to become liquid.

  5. eidolon. n. Phantom or spirit.

  6. eyot. n. Little island in the middle of a pond or lake.

  7. fen. n. Swamp.

  8. galanty. n. Shadow play.

  9. graip. n. Pitchfork used for hurling manure.

  10. haruspex. n. A fortuneteller who used animal innards and lightning for her predictions.

  11. horrisonant. adj. Making a horrible sound.

  12. imago n. Adult form of insect.

  13. izles n. Sparks and soot coming out of a chimney.

  14. jampan n. Indian sedan chair.

  15. kaddish n. Jewish prayers for the dead.

  16. lenocinant adj. Lewd.

  17. lochetic adj. Waiting for prey; in ambush.

  18. makari. n. pl. archaic Scottish term for poets (s. "makar").

  19. myrmidon. n. A faithful follower who carries out orders without question.

  20. nympholepsy. n. 1. Trance incurred by erotic daydreams; 2. A state of violent emotion, esp when associated with a desire for something one cannot have.

  21. obeisance. n. 1. Deferential respect; 2. A gesture displaying deferential respect (e.g. a bow, curtsey); 3. Paying of homage.

  22. pataphysics. n. The branch of philosophy that deals with an imaginary realm additional to metaphysics.

  23. paynim. n. A pagan.

  24. quiddity. n. The essence or nature of a thing.

  25. quockerwodger. n. 1. A wooden toy puppet manipulated by strings or pulls; 2. insult c. 1859: A politician whose strings are being pulled by another.

  26. ravissant. adj. (f.) Ravishing; causing rapture.

  27. scopperloit. n. Rude and rough-housing play.

  28. thaumaturgy. n. The working of wonders, magic, or miracles.

  29. uxorious. n. A man submissive to his wife.

  30. vernorexia. n. A romantic mood inspired by Spring.

  31. wittol. n. Complacent cuckold.

  32. xanthic. adj. Yellow in color.

  33. yarborough. n. A hand of cards containing no card above a nine.

  34. zephyr. n. 1. A light or west wind; 2. one of the Anemoi, Greek god of the west wind.

  35. zibeline. adj. Pertaining to sables.

This contest is open to ALL AGES, although adult themes have been and may be published for any to read (a cut tag will be utilized for winning entries either way, with a caution for mature content where necessary).

Post your entry as a comment to this post, or email your piece with a pseudonym to with the subject: Epeolatry Entry.

*epeolatry, adj., the worship of words.

UPDATE: Since the question came up, this year, I'm specifying only one official entry per person. You're welcome to post any pieces inspired by this word list, but mark your official entry as such. Thanks and happy writing! <3
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Thank you to those who participated in the short story contest that ended on the 33rd anniversary of my birth. The stories I received were cherished gifts, and each of you will be receiving a handmade gift from me as soon as I have them completed.

This was meant to be posted yesterday on blessed Mabon, the harvest, but my day was packed, and after making dinner, went to bed early. My apologies.

Winner 1: [ profile] wytchcroft provided me with a work of magical-steampunk that was as twisting and eloquent as his poetry. See temptrest.

Winner 2: [ profile] damashita sent me an erotic tale featuring a girl also enjoying the anniversary of her birth. See her untitled short [NSFW].

Honorable Mention: No story here, but my mother, [ profile] betsycontent edited my own short story intended for submission at "Mutation Nation" on October 1st. For her hard work and determination to see it done by my birthday, she gets a special prezzie, too. ^_^

Look here in August 2012, when I'll provide another contest with new criteria.
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Velvet bag in hand, Elsbet mounted the charabanc, ignoring the frigorific wind that cut through her woolen cloak and raised gooseflesh from her knees to her nipples. Inclement weather would not dissuade her – today she planned to deliciate all her senses as it was her birthday and she deserved nothing less than the best. (. . . hidden to protect the delicate; click to read the rest) )
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Few enough people, it often seems, are natural drivers, born to it one might say, but even less are in their element as passengers.

Certainly this was the case with the one in the back of charabanc, alternating wails and grumbles and half barked orders as the driver shunted through the gears, whipping the bus around in a great slew of water, hurtling on towards the aerodrome through the dark and the solid seeming rain. The rain that splashed off the driver’s wide hat (shaped not unlike an umbrella, fortunately). It splashed off the passenger’s hat too, fizzing and hissing as it dropped into a blue flamed fire balanced precariously between thick gloved hands.

“Don’t blame me!” The driver called back. “It’s not my rain! Not my magic! Why couldn’t we have a roof – or just LESS RAIN!”

“No good without the rain,” the passenger was mumbling as the flames changed colour, as the elements burned and fused in a small golden cauldron and a dark metal crucible held by a twisted retort. “Better with a storm, good story, need a storm, ha, ha, ha! Good storm - lousy driving! And you should have put some bloody clothes on!”

The driver kept their anger in check. Now was not the time for a brabble, and there was no better welder after all, no better story-mage, none to match the skill as words were plucked from nothing, given form and thrown together, their separate properties forgotten in the frigorific fusion.

Even in these hollow times, story was more than just a commodity; it bewitched the very fabric of things. Without story none of them would exist, and that was something the driver shivered to contemplate. Men were indeed ‘such stuff as dreams are made on’, as the master often said, but it was the welder who took reality itself and ‘made it strange’. Oh sacred Alienist! Such ancient and mysterious magic and such wisdom to wield that staff and book!

Trumpeting then, the vehicle shuddered to a stop. “We’re here! The aerodrome lies before us.”

There was a great bellow of exaltation from the passenger. “Fly my chick, you know what to do!”


It was a miracle, the Captain had said, that in such a maelstrom they had found this single spot and navigated their way through to it. Trooping in through the sludge of the airfield the beleaguered group had stood beneath the aerodrome’s fractured glass canopy. Things looked bleak until Steph found an old case of whiskey and broke it open.
“We’ll all feel better for a bever! Deeper then did ever plummet sound, we’ll drown our sorrows!” Steph was heard to say, although later he would deny it.

They were definitely addled when Ariel appeared and quickly had them clucking around protectively and possessively. Nakedness can have that effect. And though no/one was exactly certain if the stranger with the really long hair was a boy or a girl, they didn’t seem to mind too much either way and were content enough to fling a great coat round the slim shoulders and accept the name Miranda.

They were a little put out when Miranda’s Father appeared. However, reactions changed almost at once as Gonzo hailed him, in a tone of shocked recognition, as the long lost Duke of their own Milan.
The sun came out as if on cue.

Everybody bundled aboard the bulky Lancaster which rose into a sky unexpectedly calmed into blue.

Bumping about in the back, Miranda huddled close and whispered dreamily, “free, we’re finally free!”

“Yes,” said Caliban with a grin, “that foxed ‘em!”
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Hobbit-styled 33rd Birthday: Food, Friends, and Music. What day/place works best for you?

[Poll #1775092]

If you select more than one location, please comment on what your highest preference might be.

For your edification:

  • Volunteer Park is in Capitol Hill.

  • The UW's Sylvan Theatre is an enclosed ampitheater of trees and grass with a stage only delineated by a small hill with four Grecian columns on the main UW campus.

  • Gas Works is located in Wallingford.

  • Marymoor Park can be found in Redmond near 520 and Soulfood Books.

  • Galerias is an incredible, gourmet Mexican restaurant at the end of Broadway closest to Volunteer Park. They serve $7 brunches until 3pm every Saturday and Sunday. Even if that isn't the location of the event, you should try them sometime (yes, they can make vegan and wheat free foods, just ask for veggies instead of meat and no cheese on most brunch dishes).

  • Aqua Verde is an affordable Mexican cafe on the water, and with a brief jaunt up hill, not that far from the UW campus and its many gardens.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Street parking tends to be free and easier to find on Sundays; bussing tends to be harder.

  • If you have transportation difficulties, I can help connect you to someone with whom you can share a ride.

  • I'm seeing presence, not presents, so please bring as many people (and your percussion instruments) along with you. Let's make some music!

A good friend suggested Seattle Center as another option, but given the near-constant events that take place at Seattle Center (there's a Latin American festival--yay!--and a charity run to cure cancer that weekend), the difficulty in finding parking for those that need to drive there, and the not-so-wheat-free-friendly restaurants in the neighborhood, I decided against it.
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Writers! Write a short story (600 words max.) using at least THREE of these words slated for deletion from Collins dictionary* by 5:47a.m., September 16th.

Bonus points for stories containing steampunk, sci-fi, and/or erotic themes because I'm a sucker for such stories.

I'll post the top three with proper attribution and linkage by Mabon, and winners will each get a handmade gift from me. ♥

Feel free to post your submission as a comment below, or if you want to remain a nony mouse, send it via pm or email with a pseudonym you'd like to have me use instead.

In case you have trouble with the link, these are the words to consider for your writing:


*I'm a satyr; I love this word.
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Hey, I'm turning 33, so cut me some slack on this. 3^3 is the number of the goddess to some people. 33 is the age hobbits reach adulthood, and thirty-three is one third of Ana's current age. Nifty, no?

I posted this the other day, mostly as a happy flag of wishful thinking and a full and complete assumption that I would need to save up for and buy these things myself over time. I know that there are only a few people in my life that have the funds to buy me high priced items, and they do so when they can; it helps keep my ego in check. ;)

However, I've been thinking that I need help in ways that don't require money, but rather time, energy, and expertise. Usually I have a policy of "presence over presents", but my with my health getting worse and my to do list piling up, I could really use help in certain areas of my life. If you are willing, able, and have the time to assist me as a birthday gift, I would be eternally grateful.

  • Web Design & Simple Graphics: I have a web site and blog I want to start--feel an imperative to start--but my skills in both graphic and web design are extremely rusty. Outside of HTML and a smattering of CSS/JS code, I don't know much of what's in current use (I hate Flash, btw). I know what I want, I just don't have the physical wherewithal to spend the time relearning and coding by hand as I used to. Sitting at my desktop computer for more than half an hour causes physical illness. If I still had the software I used to, I could probably throw something together in a day, but I've not been able to sit for long and work on either. I can add content remotely when they're both up, but getting them done and on line is a big deal. Anyone who can help me with this will get credit and links from the sites in question.

  • Gardening: Not only do I not have much gardening experience, but there's a lot of reclamation work to be done in the back yard. I have a design, I've studied how to do what I want to do, but I need help with the labor. At the very least, I want to start with an herb spiral and a simple path. I can source the materials for free or for very little money, and already have a lot of what's needed on hand. Ana's been doing a lot of clearing, but a day's work out back would be a huge help in getting us started toward my long-term goals and help me put some of this permaculture research to active use.

  • Re-Organizing: There's a lot that needs organizing, and I could use a hand and an objective opinion on clearing clutter, especially in my office and craft spaces. Four hours of intense, focused time could significantly improve the disorganized feeling I have all around me. (I can't believe that I, a quadruple Virgo, have come to ask for this.)

  • Fact-Checking: If you don't organize but you're a great fact checker, I could use your help finding out some things for my fiction writing. Despite all the reading and research I do, I hate formalized research, and I especially hate having to cold call people or organizations to find out the information I need because they don't bother putting it on a web site. The last time I tried to call the Atlanta police department on a non-emergency line to ask a simple question, I had a panic attack afterwards and never called to follow-up when I realized I didn't get the information I needed most. Sad and pathetic, neh?

If not for a birthday gift, then perhaps for trade. I'd be willing to support you in efforts to which I am capable in exchange for time spent helping me with what I need. Of course, anyone who comes to my home and assists me in any capacity will be fed a tasty meal (or meals depending on length of time visiting). I like to feed people, and I like to show off my 133t skillz in the kitchen when I can.

Ana does a lot more than people realize to help me get the basics done around here, and so much doesn't get done because she's only a kid, not an adult caretaker, and I have such limited energy and physical abilities at present that my lengthy to do list only gets longer no matter how manic or productive I am on a given day. Once something is completed, it tends to be replaced by three more items that have been waiting their turns to be addressed, and eventually, I've got nothing left.

So . . . if you feel compelled to give something to help me celebrate my birthday, there's good food and gratitude in your future. Thanks.
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The book Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life says that for my 33rd birthday*, I should party like a hobbit, which means lots of friends, food, drink, and music. Since I'm a broke satyr, who would be up for a late lunch/early dinner at Mama's (Bitchin') Mexican Kitchen in Belltown, followed by drum circle at the Olympic Sculpture Park* the weekend of Sept 16th?

Let me know if Saturday or Sunday** afternoon would work better for you, or if you have better ideas of cheap eats near fun parks. Seriously, I welcome a good, inexpensive wheat-free friendly restaurant that's close to a park and easy for everyone to get to; I want lots of people there so that when we get together to make music, it'll be heard by the gods.

*Fun fact, in case you forgot, hobbits are considered adults at 33.
**Free parking on Sundays! Better bus trips Saturdays!
+For you cosplayers and fairy folk, hobbit, fae, or other realms attire is totally welcome.
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I was reading this article on nagging, which included the following statement: "Unsurprisingly, as kids aged they nagged even more, and their methods grew more manipulative."

This, of course, reminded me that I hadn't thrown out my annual list of things I'd really enjoy having for my birthday. Given that my mother already supplied me with prime seats for Seattle Opera's Carmen as an early surprise, and she and S. are fixing up their new house so they can move in before the end of the year, I truly don't expect to get any of these, but a girl can dream (and $ave) . . . and call upon the dark arts. Now where did I leave that sacrificial chicken?

  • Vibram shoes, particularly the Sprint brand in black or the Jaya in (don't gasp too hard, mom) yellow and white. I only need one pair, and wouldn't know what to do with two, but I've had a hard time deciding between them.

  • An Ultra HD 8G Flip Video camera in the Sunrays and Waves pattern so I can finally take videos of Ana and my cats to share with the world.

  • A lot of black and/or pinstriped pants by plus size clothiers in pant size 24 or 26 from eBay that contain at least two to four usable and worthy pairs of pants to replace all the ones in my closet that now sport thigh holes. I'm not setting a trend or making a social statement, I'm just financially challenged.

  • Scratch that, I'm totally declaring a social statement about our economy.

  • (One of) the parties of my dreams; preferably one that Ana can attend. Currently I'm favoring the whole historical costume + Ride-the-Ducks + Mama's dream, but something says it ain't happenin' this year, and I think that that something is the cost of Ana's Farm Camp. Yea gods, but their prices are insane.

  • A cure for what ails me.

  • A winning lottery ticket.

  • A doting publisher and a kick-ass agent.

  • Omnipotence.

  • World peace.

Oh yeah, and how's that jack-booted dominatrix coming? I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered that fourteen years ago. Ahem. (And do people even still use the term "dominatrix" any more? I'm so out of the loop.)

Since I know my mother, and I know that despite her financial woes she makes miracles appear on holidays, I'm starting to wonder if my list is a little outside even her powers of conjuration. Does this constitute as nagging? ;)


(Mom, avert your eyes.) Isn't this the closest to tentacle fulfillment we have at this juncture?
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I am in search of for elegant yet inexpensive venues for a major birthday (Ana-10, Craig-40) masquerade in July.


So far I like the potential of SPACE in Greenwood, but I need to take a look at it. I'm also open to other venues like renting a penthouse in a hotel, sequestering a part of a park for the evening (paid permits, etc.), a borrowed house, or some other appropriate space indoors or outdoors where fairies, elves, and other mythic immortals might gather. It needs to be less expensive than going to LOJ, which we have decided is unreasonable given the budget I set aside for this birthday party.

Invitations will be open to... many.
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Unfortunately, I am a minute late in writing this, as it is no longer November 18th by the standards of the Western world (ah if only we marked time based on the dawn).

Many joyous days ahead for you, [ profile] ozarque, your writing and wisdom is a blessing for all of us, your compassion is cherished.

Much love to you in celebration of another year of life!
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Wishing my beloved step-father a year of security, success, joy, and horses.

Much love!

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Nearly belated! Ack! Happy Birthday [ profile] sebab! You've come a long way in the last couple of years, so may your new year of life be filled with greater and greater achievements. May you find success in your endeavors. May you know and keep hold of your strength. Remember to acknowledge all that you have come through and celebrate the battles that you have won.

Be well and blessings on your new year. :)


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