Jan. 6th, 2013

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Yesterday, Ana and I got up early (actually, I couldn't sleep past six, but I let Ana sleep in until 8:30am). After a quick breakfast, which my kittens helped me eat, daughter and I went and cleaned out the car. Then we hopped in, got to a Freecycler's house in Bothell fifteen minutes early, picked up the hula hoop*, drove a few more blocks to Thrasher's Corner to grab large quantities of ghee, paneer, and okra as soon as Mayuri opened. Turning back toward home, we filled up the tank at Costco, loaded up on groceries at PCC, and then headed to the Brown Bear in Redmond to get the "Beary Good" wash for Craig's car and vacuumed up all the floors and seats, which the car desperately needed.

When I got home, Craig complained we'd not stopped to grab him a mocha while in Redmond (he didn't know about the car wash). I told him I had my reasons, and he should get his mocha after lunch. I made something between fajitas and tacos, and tried not to fall asleep waiting for Craig to get ready. We walked out to the car, nothing. We started down the road . . . nothing. I said, "I don't think he's noticed yet, Ana." Sometimes it takes him days to notice when something's been cleaned. After grabbing the mocha, I finally said to him, "Wait. Stop. Look in the car before you get in." Then he saw. "Ohhh . . . Nice! Thank you!" *facepalm* At least he was grateful, and I had a three hour nap upon returning home. La!

*Project Baby Gym


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